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Environmental Restoration & Remediation

Homeowners, property managers and local school systems are preparing for flooding and damaging winds across the Southeast due to Hurricane Florence.   North and South Carolina have declared a State of Emergency to ensure resources are mobilized to protect the health and welfare of their citizens.  After the waters recede, many will be left with water damaged property that will require water extraction, drying and mold remediation.

The Biotech Research Laboratories, Inc. (Biotech) is prepared to assist with mold and moisture assessments if you need support.  Biotech’s environmental, health and safety professionals are equipped with the latest technology, including infrared (IR) thermography to locate water damaged building materials without destructive testing.  Our professionals are also prepared to conduct mold inspections, prepare mold remediation plans as well as manage and direct mold remediation efforts.

Water Division

Electrocoagulation (EC) water treatment modules apply an electric charge to treat and clean wastewater as it flows over iron slats. Replacing chemical agents in the “coagulation” process of removing contaminates from water. EC uses electricity to shock the water and separate the toxins and heavy metals to be easily filtered out. Elements such as BOD (bacteria) and phosphorous have been effectively removed by as much as 99%.

Nearly 1 billion people suffer needlessly without access to safe water. We're changing this - one village at a time. Biotech Research Laboratories & build clean water system using 21st century technologies to provide water, and unlock design human potential.

The goal of Biotech is to bring effective environmental solutions to municipal, commercial, and industrial sectors of the community. We will bring the ability to properly treat and recycle other waste streams into fuel and electricity, municipal, commercial and industrial wastewater, and convert trash, sewage, and all the while reducing operating costs up to 90%.

Energy Division

Biotech Energy System (BES) is a division of Biotech Research Laboratories, Inc. found in 1986, Huntsville, Alabama-based company. BES has developed a next generation lead acid battery technology that has the opportunity to address major portions of the $30 billion worldwide battery marketplace. Biotech Innovations in process technology allowed the use of natural fiber granulate composites to create clean air, clean liquids and energy storage solutions.

Food Division

Over the past 21 years we have demonstrated that we can grow vegetables for the public on a massive scale and we plan to continue. However, the 21-century movement is designed to TEACH people to be more dependent on their own abilities to again “Grow Their Own

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